English brewer has a distinctive buzz

Hiver being Poured

AN English craft brewery that uses honey during fermentation has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help with the next phase of its expansion.

Hiver Beers was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Hannah Rhodes and produces a range of three beers: The Honey Beer (4.5% ABV), The Honey Ale (4.5% ABV) and The Honey IPA (4.9% ABV). It is seeking £350,000 of finance through crowdfunding platform Crowdcube and is offering 8% equity in the business, which will help to fund a new retail site.

“Since our launch we have demonstrated the success and potential of both the Hiver brand and our unique experience and investing in the company now will give us the resource to maximise current sales opportunities,” said Rhodes.

“This will extend our reach and brand awareness, to make the most of growing distribution and really take Hiver to the next level. Crucially, as we grow the business in building a truly authentic premium honey beer brand, we are committed to supporting the British beekeeping community, including funding planting days to support 100 community-based hives planned for Hiver stockists.”