Ross Coll, The Crafty Pig Glasgow

• How many bottled beers do you currently stock?
We currently stock over 50 products at The Crafty Pig and also have a number of revolving seasonal bottles and cans.

• What are the best-selling bottled beers in your venue?
Beavertown beers including Gamma Ray, Neck Oil and Holy Cow Bell are getting quite a lot of attention.
The brand is making a real name for itself as leader in the craft beer market and has some funky can designs which make it instantly recognisable to craft beer fans.
Glasgow-based brewery Drygate is also a popular choice, including Disco Forklift Truck, a lovely mango infused pale ale, and Crossing the Rubicon, a Weegie-west coast style IPA.

• How often do you introduce new beers, and how do you select them?
We have three draught rotational lines that change every week as well as a constantly evolving rotational and seasonal bottle range.
We are constantly looking out for new products and ranges and try to stock a mix of beers to ensure there is something to suit all tastes. We are however pretty selective with what we choose and pick the beers we believe to be the best.

• How knowledgeable are your customers about bottled beer?
There are customers who know exactly what they want, whether it’s the latest seasonal offering from a certain brewery or something that’s a staple for them, but then there are also those who are not overly familiar with craft beer. It’s always fun spending time with new customers, finding beers they like and talking them through the different ranges and beers they might not have heard of before.

• What’s your favourite bottled beer at the moment and why?
My favourite bottled beer at the moment is a collaboration brew between local Glaswegian start up brewery Out Of Town Brewing and the now staple Grunting Growler off-licence on Old Dumbarton Road. It’s a Blood Orange Milkshake IPA coming in at 6.3% ABV.