Brewer steps up ale game

Three new bottled beers from Tennent Caledonian

Tennent Caledonian has taken a big step into the bottled ale market with the launch of a new three-strong range.

• Tennent Caledonian has launched its Caledonia ale range with three beers in 500ml bottles.

The Caledonia collection includes three beers: Outpost IPA, Double Hop and Hopscotch, all at an ABV of 5%.
The ales are being rolled out to the on and off-trades now.

Tasting notes for the beers describe Outpost IPA as having “subtle fruity notes” which are “dominated by strong, malty grain flavours”; Double Hop is said to offer “slightly sweet fruit flavours”; and Hopscotch, a whisky oak beer, has a “smokey, wood flavour with a hint of vanilla”.

Premium ale is currently the most innovative category in drinks and there is clear demand.

As part of the roll-out, Tennent Caledonian has suggested food pairings for each ale, recommending IPA to accompany chicken, Double Hop with fish, and Hopscotch as a beer which can stand up to spiced foods, “and in particular haggis”.
Tennent Caledonian suggested the ale range presents its on-trade customers with a “variety of opportunities” to drive sales through menu pairings.
Wendy Espie, senior brand manager at Tennent’s, said the market for premium bottled ales “is expanding so quickly”, adding that there is “real consumer demand for high quality beers, something two thirds of beer drinkers believe is worth paying more for”.
“Premium ale is currently the most innovative category in drinks and there is a clear consumer desire to seek out and try new products, with over half of beer, wines and spirits shoppers saying they like to try new and different products,” said Espie.
“Tennent Caledonian is one of the most established brewers in the world and we’re renowned for our innovation over many years.
“We believe our latest creation, the Caledonia collection, will make impact in the market, meeting the needs of customers and consumers alike with three great new tasting beers.”
The range is available in 500ml bottles in the on-trade.