Vodka lights up the night

A RANGE of cocktail recipes is being promoted to tie in with vodka brand Belvedere’s new luminous bottle.
The ‘Light the Night’ cocktails, which include the Ruby Tonic and Dusk Meets Dawn, were released as the firm behind Belvedere launched the new Midnight Saber luminous bottle.
Pitched at nightclubs, the new 1.75L bottle is the latest innovation from the company, which launched its first luminous bottle in 2012.
Described as an “audacious yet elegant” design, the new-look bottle features laser etching and a black coating with LED lights in the base, which, when lit, produce an effect of “misty trees”.
Charles Gibb, president of Belvedere Vodka, said: “The cutting edge design of the Midnight Saber truly expresses our relentless commitment to bold and irreverent innovation.”