The thin edge of the cocktail wedge

COCKTAIL syrup and fruit puree producer Funkin has made a move into the ‘skinny’ cocktail market with the launch of two new low-calorie cocktail mixers for the on-trade.

Funkin Skinny Mojito and Funkin Skinny Sex on the Beach are each said to create under 100-calorie cocktails when used with the recommended spirit; the two mixers are made using Stevia – a zero-calorie natural sweetener.
The launch of the skinny cocktail mixers, which are available in packs of six one-litre cartons, comes in response to what’s said to be growing demand for low-calorie cocktails, with 29% of UK consumers said to prefer to order a skinny cocktail – a figure which is said to be increasing 81% year-on-year.
Funkin managing director Andrew King said: “The new range of skinny mixers provides operators with the opportunity to offer low-calorie versions of the UK’s most popular cocktails allowing them to capitalise on this growing consumer trend.
“These great-tasting mixers do not compromise taste and have been carefully crafted with the finest ingredients from all-natural sources.”