The story can go on with softs and stills

LICENSEES shouldn’t underestimate the value of bottled water and soft drinks with provenance, drinks firms told SLTN.
Adrian Troy, marketing director at AG Barr, said “provenance and product benefits are becoming increasingly important to consumers, particularly in relation to water”.

“People are not only looking for water brands they know and trust, they are increasingly conscious about the source of the water, which reinforces the provenance message,” said Troy.
Customers are “increasingly interested in understanding the brands they choose to purchase”, according to Carol Saunders, head of customer marketing at Highland Spring Group.
Therefore, she reckons a dedicated water menu is “key for the on-trade”.
“Naming the still and sparkling water so consumers can make a choice based on provenance and quality that they enjoy, in the same way they would wine or other beverages, is also important,” said Saunders.
To capitalise on this, Saunders added that operators should “ensure that staff are familiar with the range of products and those which have an origin in Scotland so that they can help customers choose local drinks”.