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System lets bars and restaurants advertise via wi-fi

A NEW wi-fi platform which can be used as a marketing tool by operators has been launched in the Scottish trade.
KILTR Wi-Fi enables bar, restaurant and hotel owners to promote anything from forthcoming events to daily specials to customers accessing the venue’s wi-fi.

• The KILTR Wi-Fi system lets operators present advertising when customers log in on mobile.
• The KILTR Wi-Fi system lets operators present advertising when customers log in on mobile.

The system works by presenting content cards on the user’s mobile device, which they can either swipe past or click on to read more.
Operators can choose what they want to promote on the content cards, whether it’s an event, cocktail or new menu, and can change these at any time by creating a post on their KILTR profile; the firm said the cards can also be ‘sold’, “monetising” the operator’s wi-fi.
The KILTR platform, which the company said provides “robust” wi-fi for multiple users, can also provide analytics for venue owners on the likes of footfall and social interaction.
It is being rolled out to the trade following a six-month pilot with Kained Holdings in its Lebowskis, The Finnieston and Porter & Rye outlets, and is already said to be installed in more than 30 venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London ahead of its official launch at the Techaus event at Glasgow’s SWG3 on November 11.

Paul Crawford, sales and marketing director, said that because there’s no password or personal data collection, it means “faster, easy access to the internet for the venue’s customers and a great way of presenting customers with information relevant to that venue”.
“It is a great marketing tool for operators as it allows them to deliver their own content to people in their venue,” he said.
“There’s no registration and no passwords required and the user can then swipe through the content cards to go online or interact by clicking on any of the content cards.
“And it’s completely up to operators how they use the content cards. We’re effectively putting a digital flyer into the hands of their customers.”
Chief executive and co-founder Brian Hughes said: “The feedback from our customers has been excellent. They understand that not only does KILTR Wi-Fi provide easy access to robust wi-fi in their venues but they also love the best in class user experience we’ve built – all from scratch right here in Glasgow.
“Some of the operators have already started making money from it too, which was really important for our business model. The benefits really are two-way.”