Winning wines for Christmas

red-wine-glass“IT’S always good to keep things up to date but change for the sake of change is not worth the effort. If the cuisine is moving into the more hearty area then definitely a few more warm, satisfying reds wouldn’t go amiss (an additional premium Malbec, Argentinian Bonarda, US Cabernets, Valpolicella Ripasso, etc.)
“Think about Christmas, think about the wines that you can recommend with traditional festive fayre (Pinot Noir with the turkey, Rioja with roast beef, Barolo with goose) and offer as much of this by the glass as you dare (don’t be scared to recommend these to your customers – the right wine with the right dish really makes the meal stand out).”

– John Chalmers
Enotria & Coe

“AS we move towards Christmas, tastes generally become a little more traditional, driving up sales of red wine and Champagne in particular.
“Pinot Noir’s rising popularity makes it a great choice for wine lists this year, with fine examples coming from New Zealand and Tasmania as well as the traditional Burgundy.
“This time of year is also perfect for offering small parcels of wine as ‘specials’ that may be a little too expensive through the rest of the year, but suit the mood as people look for something more premium to celebrate with.
“For example, it could be a vintage Champagne, a red Bordeaux or something to finish with like Port or Madeira.”

– Verity Milns
Liberty Wines