SLTA launches online training initiative


THE Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) has launched a new online training initiative it says is designed to make training and qualifications “more accessible” for bar staff and managers across the country.
The trade group, which has partnered with awarding body Pearson for the scheme, kicked off the initiative with the Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff (SCLPS), which will see it offer the minimum two hours of training required – free of charge to SLTA members – to achieve the certificate.
In November, the SLTA will launch a Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) course for bar managers and supervisors; the trade group said the minimum ten hours of training and the exam will be offered to SLTA members at a cost of £35, with the training, exam and certificate delivered online.
SLTA chief executive Paul Waterson said making the training and qualifications available online helps reduce the time commitment for staff and makes it “significantly more accessible” for those in rural parts of Scotland.
“The SLTA’s new online training initiative will transform how our members train new staff and skill-up existing staff to more senior levels,” he said.
“Maintaining high standards of professionalism and safety are vital to our industry, ensuring licensees provide an excellent and consistent service that meets legal requirements and can quickly help build skilled and motivated teams.
“We’re especially delighted that we are able to provide this training and the resultant qualifications either free or at a cost lower than anywhere else, with a system that is completely online, from training though to certification, and through Pearson, one of the world’s most prestigious training providers.”
Chris Reid, owner of Henrick’s Bar and Bistro in Edinburgh, said: “This SLTA-led initiative is great because it offers a unified approach to training and quality when there are frequent changes to courses and requirements.”