Time freeze for craft beer

INNIS & Gunn has sealed a bottle of its latest limited edition beer in a time capsule that is to be opened in 100 years’ time.

• The Innis & Gunn capsule.
• The Innis & Gunn capsule.

Named Vintage, the beer is a 7.7% ABV bottle-conditioned strong ale made using Super Styrian hops.
Vintage is said to become richer and more complex with time as the yeast inside the bottle conditions the beer.
According to Innis & Gunn, the absence of food spoilage bacteria in the beer means the century-old Vintage will be drinkable when it is opened, though it will have a different flavour profile in 2116.
To make the time capsule, a bottle of the beer was sealed in a transparent enclosure at Innis & Gunn’s Inveralmond Brewery in Perth.
Innis & Gunn founder, Dougal Sharp, said he wants the time capsule “to serve as a reminder for us to keep innovating, keep pushing boundaries and keep expanding people’s ideas of what beer can be”.