Ale: brewers cover both bases

DRAUGHT beer is one of the on-trade’s biggest sellers, and ale continues to account for a hefty share of spend in Scotland, with CGA reporting sales of over £134m.

Traditional-style ales command the top of the ale table, with Belhaven Best the biggest seller, followed by Caledonian Best, John Smith’s and then Deuchars IPA.

It’s at that point that the newer names start to come through, with Brewdog’s Punk IPA the fifth-biggest ale brand and Innis & Gunn’s IPA in sixth place.

The Scottish trade is well positioned to cater to both the more traditional and craft ends of the market.

Earlier this year the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) handed out a number of gold awards to Scottish breweries for their cask beers, with Loch Lomond Brewery, Orkney Brewery, Windswept Brewery and Harviestoun Brewery all among the winners.

That was followed a few months later by Scottish brewers including Williams Bros, 71 Brewing and Fierce Beer picking up gold trophies at the Scottish Beer Awards for their craft beers.

With award-winning producers across the spectrum, it seems the ale category is in good shape in Scotland.