Bullish start for a Fierce team

    Pursuing the microbrewery dream in Aberdeen

    A PAIR of passionate home brewers have upped their game with the launch of a commercial microbrewery in Aberdeen following a six-figure investment.

    Fierce Beer Ltd was set up by Dave Grant and David McHardy in April of this year through a £250,000 investment funded by redundancy payments and help from small investors.

    • Fierce: David McHardy (left), Dave Grant and business development manager Louise Grant.
    • Fierce: David McHardy (left), Dave Grant and business development manager Louise Grant.

    Having scaled up from a home brew-sized business, Fierce Beer is said to have broken the 20,000-litre mark since brewing started in May.
    It now produces a core range of eight beers at its site in Kirkhill Industrial Estate in Dyce, Aberdeen.
    The microbrewer has also taken a lease on the premises adjacent to the brewery, with plans to further expand by opening an off-sales bottle shop and offering tasting tours as well as utilising the extra space to store barrel-aged beers.
    Owner and managing director Dave Grant said the Fierce Beer team is “delighted to have made this push into the brewing industry”, having invested “a lot of time and money into the brewery to ensure the highest quality of produce is used when creating our beers”.
    “Fierce is all about flavour and we’re really looking to excite people’s palates with our new brews,” he said.
    “Our beers have been very popular and I think food and drink enthusiasts will really enjoy how different they are.”
    Operations director and co-owner David McHardy said he and Grant “have both been passionate about brewing since we purchased our first home brewing kits a few years ago”.
    “Launching Fierce to the public has been extremely exciting and we carried out a lot of research initially, investigating the best local ingredients and the most effective way to bottle our beers, all of which has been really important,” said McHardy.