Botanicals at the heart of Dutch beer

DUTCH beer that’s brewed with botanicals has made its way to the UK thanks to a distribution deal with Love Drinks.

Three variants from the Lowland Beer brewery in the Netherlands have crossed the sea: the 5% ABV Lowland White Ale, said to have “refreshing fruity notes” with botanicals including curacao orange, elderflower and chamomile; Lowlander IPA, a 6% ABV beer which is flavoured with coriander and white tea, said to give the beer a “citrusy, fruity and bitter taste”; and Lowlander Poorter – a 5% ABV beer which has been brewed with liquorice root and vanilla.
All three beers also have bespoke food pairings – White Ale goes with seafood, salads or spicy food, the IPA is said to complement Asian cuisine, and the Poorter works well with roasted and grilled meats and chocolate desserts.
Frederik Kampman of Lowlander Beer said that as a distiller who previously worked in gin and genever distilleries he “fell in love with botanicals” and as a beer-lover, he “grew curious about what kind of characters these special flavours could give to beer”, leading to the creation of Lowlander Beers.