Touring Italy’s regions one beer at a time

The range of Birra Moretti Italian beers has been expanded in the UK through a distribution deal with Continental Quattro Stagioni (CQS) which will see the food and drink supplier stock its Regionali range.

035_BM regionali Toscana
Birra Moretti’s Regionali collection comprises two beers: Birra Moretti Alla Siciliana – a 5.8% ABV beer said to feature citrus notes; and Birra Moretti Alla Toscana, a 5.5% ABV beer with a flavour profile featuring notes of chestnut with a slightly bitter finish.
Sandro Bevilacqua, vice chairman of CQS, said enthusiasm for Italian produce is “extremely buoyant” and the Regionali range is “perfect for those wanting to try beers from some of Italy’s most famous regions”.
“It also gives restaurant owners and their customers greater scope to explore food and beer pairings while enjoying a truly authentic taste of Italy,” said Bevilacqua.