There’s smoke and fire now

The firm behind Funkin has extended the brand’s range of single batch syrups with the addition of two new variants.
Funkin Pro Smoked Syrup and Funkin Pro Jalapeno Syrup are being rolled out to the on-trade from this month.

The firm said the syrups were developed in response to the on-trade demand for complex cocktails inspired by food trends, as American-themed gourmet junk food with spiced and smoked elements continues to prove popular with customers.
Deep amber in colour, Funkin Pro Smoked Syrup is said to be flavoured using smoked oak wood while the Funkin Pro Jalapeno Syrup is said to add a fiery, peppery heat to drinks.
Funkin managing director Andrew King said the new products target current trends, “which include the rise in American and Mexican dishes and cocktails”.
“Spice is a well-established flavour and consumers are experimenting with new and exotic ingredients such a Sriracha, sambal and wasabi, while smoked cocktails are growing in popularity alongside American whiskey and bourbon cocktails,” said King.

New Funkin Syrup serves

Funkin New Age Cream Soda

• 20ml Funkin Pro Smoke Syrup
• One bar spoon Funkin Citric Syrup
• 37.5ml vanilla vodka
• Top soda

Funkin Raspberry and Chilli Mojito

• 50ml rum
• 15ml Funkin Pro Sugar Cane Syrup
• 25ml Funkin Pure Pour Lime
• 25ml Funkin Raspberry Puree
• 5ml Funkin Pro Jalapeno Syrup