It’s time to mix with Keglevich

Chance to win trip to Italy in new cocktail competition

Can you create a cocktail using Keglevich and staple bar ingredients in 30 seconds or less? If so, the team behind the Italian vodka-based liqueur wants to hear from you.

Keglevich SLTN 1
• SLTN’s Matthew Lynas (left) and Jack Walsh (second left) with the Keglevich team – Lisa Clifford and Steve Howard– and Rhiannon Melrose of The Duchess (second right)

SLTN joined forces with the Keglevich team last week at The Duchess bar on Glasgow’s Duke Street to try its hand at concocting Keglevich creations in 30 seconds. SLTN’s Matthew Lynas came up with the Hungarian Summer Punch – Keglevich Apple, Keglevich Strawberry, lemonade and fresh lime juice; while Jack Walsh’s Raspberry Surprise combined Keglevich Raspberry & Coconut with gin, lemonade and fresh lime juice.
Now the team behind the Italian brand wants bar staff from across the country to submit their ideas.
The competition is open to bartenders of all levels and from all types of venues.
Entrants must submit a video of themselves creating a cocktail using one of the six core Keglevich flavours (Apple, Melon, Strawberry, Lemon, Blood Orange and Peach) as a base and staple bar ingredients in no more than 30 seconds to Keglevich’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #RepubliKeg.
Three winners – most original cocktail, best looking cocktail and best tasting cocktail – will be chosen by independent judges each month between now and October, with each receiving a certificate, cocktail kit and six bottles of Keglevich.
Each of the winners will then be invited along to a special Keglevich event in Glasgow in October, when one overall winner from each of the three cocktail categories will be presented with a trophy and an invitation to attend the SLTN Awards in November as a guest of Keglevich. From the three winners, an overall winner will be chosen and presented with a trip to Italy at Keglevich’s event in October.

Steve Howard of Stock International – the firm behind Keglevich, which was launched in the UK in 2013 – said the Republic of Keglevich competition is open to bar staff of all levels.
“You don’t have to be a mixologist or work in a cocktail bar to enter,” he said.
“Keglevich is great for pubs and bars that want a cocktail offer but don’t necessarily have the space for lots of different ingredients. It’s vodka-based so it’s easy to mix and the different fruit flavours mean it’s simple to create great cocktails.
“We can’t wait to see what people come up with.”