Spice things up on the bar

Funkin has expanded its range of cocktail mixers with the addition of the Bloody Mary Spicer.
The firm said the new product is designed to give bartenders a convenient way to make consistent, signature Bloody Marys.

Bloody Mary Spicer[8]
Available to the on-trade now, the Bloody Mary Spicer is said to be a blend of 17 natural ingredients, including sweet tomato, savoury celery, horseradish and spices including red chilli, habanero pepper and black pepper.
Funkin managing director, Andrew King, said the mixer was developed to bring extra flavour to the Bloody Mary serve.
“Working closely with our network of bartenders and following feedback from the 2015 Funkin Innovation Forum where our Bloody Mary spice mix was trialled, we are excited to introduce the trade to our latest innovation,” said King. “As spice continues to be a leading consumer trend, Funkin Bloody Mary Spicer delivers consistent quality Bloody Marys with perfectly balanced flavours and spice providing our customers with the opportunity to maximise their sales of this frequently ordered classic cocktail.”