Tennent’s serves up prizes in the on-trade

Tennent's it's our sxhoutTennet’s has launched a new on-trade promotion offering consumers the chance to win a range of prizes when they purchase a pint of Tennent’s Lager.

The ‘It’s Our Shout’ campaign gives pub-goers the chance to win a range of prizes – from iPads and Tennent’s portable phone chargers to Spotify and drink vouchers – through special Tennent’s scratch cards to be given to customers when they purchase a pint.
Participating outlets will receive point of sale kits, including posters, table talkers, drip mats and bar runners, to highlight the promotion, which runs until the end of May.

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Nicola Henderson, on-trade marketing manager for Tennent’s, said: “It’s Our Shout is incredibly simple for both outlets and their customers, and with lots of great prizes up for grabs, we’re sure it will go down a treat with Tennent’s Lager drinkers in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants this spring.”