Ensure pints are best they can be

While pubs can’t compete with supermarkets on price alone, they still have a monopoly on the experience of a well-poured pint.

018_shutterstock_beer taps in a row
The quality of dispense can leave a lasting impression on customers, and brewers have urged operators to avoid complacency when it comes to cellar management.
Hugo Mills, director of sales and operations for Molson Coors Scotland, said there is nothing “more important for our industry” than serving quality beer.
“If beer doesn’t taste good, people won’t buy it,” said Mills.
Andy Maddock, managing director of Caledonian Brewery, insisted that good cellar management is “absolutely crucial”, not only to beer quality and ensuring customers return, “but also to reducing wastage – having a direct effect on the profitability of your beer range”.
Maddock suggested operators provide beer training for their staff to improve their knowledge.
“Operators need to ensure their staff really know about the beers they are offering and understand the importance of the whole experience to the consumer; including the service, presentation and taste,” he said.
Nicola Henderson, customer marketing manager at Tennent Caledonian Breweries, advised publicans to pay close attention to their beer cellar.
“Sparkling glassware and a good pour will not redeem a pint marred by unclean lines, improper refrigeration or lack of freshness,” she said.