Andy Stewart, The Tippling House, Aberdeen

Andy Stewart

How many gins do you stock?
We currently have 26 gins. This fluctuates depending on our seasonal menu, but rarely goes below 20.
What do you look for when choosing gins for the back-bar?
I aim to have a reasonable mix of customer favourites with new and intriguing gins to tempt our customers. For example we’ll always stock customer favourites such as Hendrick’s and The Botanist and right now Rock Rose and Isle of Harris are going down a storm.

Do you have a ‘go-to’ cocktail gin?
It completely depends upon the drink I’m creating. If I’m looking for a classic London Dry I’ll always pick up Haymans.

What’s your ‘go-to’ gin and tonic?
My go-to G&T for some time has been Plymouth and Fever-Tree
with a lime wedge – it’s a classic and does exactly what you need it to do. Lately I’ve been enjoying Opihr and Fever-Tree with a slice of fresh ginger just to expand the flavour range.

What was your first gin experience?
More than likely it would have been trying Mum’s Gordon’s and Schweppes. Not a huge fan as a kid. Much preferred Dad’s with bitter lemon.

Besides your own venue, where would you go for a gin cocktail?
In Aberdeen it’d be a tie between Rye & Soda for knowledge, 99 Bar & Kitchen for fun and feeling at home or Orchid for classic bartending with interesting twists.
In Edinburgh it’s always Heads & Tales for knowledge and range. Glasgow would be Guy’s Bar & Restaurant to see what Michael and Cal are working on.
And in Inverness it would be Scotch & Rye as Grant and the northern guys are doing great stuff
up there.