Tequila brand in UK move

Specialist drinks importer Spirit Cartel has introduced premium tequila brand Clase Azul to the UK market.

Clase Azul Blanco HR[4]
The four-strong range of tequilas, produced in the Mexican village of Jesús María in the state of Jalisco, are each made using 100% organic Weber Blue agave and presented in hand-made bottles. The agave is said to be hand-picked, slow-cooked for 72 hours, steamed for 24 hours, left to rest in the oven for 24 hours and then cooled naturally for 24 hours.
“Clase Azul is more than just tequila – it’s a religion,” said Charles Marshall of Spirit Cartel.
“This range sits in a class of its own, based purely on quality and pedigree and steeped in ancient Mexican tradition. It has a clear point of difference. With its breathtakingly beautiful bottles, Clase Azul gives retailers and operators the opportunity to take tequila connoisseurs on a unique experiential journey.”
The range includes Clase Azul Ultra Extra Añejo (£2399 a bottle), which is aged for five years in small sherry casks; Clase Azul Añejo (£599), aged for 25 months; Clase Azul Reposado (£132.99), a sipping tequila aged for eight months and presented in a hand-painted ceramic decanter; and Clase Azul Plata (£94.99), a silver tequila presented in a crystal, clear glass decanter.