Casks are at the heart of campaign

Whisky and drinks supplier Gordon & MacPhail has launched a new campaign stressing the importance of wood-maturation to whisky.

032_Wood Makes The Whisky[2]
At the core of the campaign, which is titled The Wood Makes the Whisky, is a series of whisky releases from the firm that were selected to reflect the different influences imparted by various styles of cask.
A website and book have also been launched as part of the activity.
“Here at Gordon & MacPhail we have always been focused on the close relationship between oak and spirit, and have learned from vast experience that wood really does make the whisky,” said Ewen Macintosh, chief operating officer at Gordon & MacPhail. “We have selected the special series of whiskies to demonstrate this complex relationship.
“Our unrivalled collection is a liquid library showcasing whiskies from numerous Scottish distilleries, age profiles and whisky characteristics.”