Allergy system for an easy life

A NEW menu management programme has been launched with the aim of making it easier for businesses to comply with EU allergen rules.

Kafoodle Kitchen is a cloud-based system that gives chefs the ability to manage ingredients and write, store and share recipes across multiple menus and outlets.

Kim Antoniou Kafoodle founder[1]

It also connects directly to front of house staff, who can access it via computer or tablet to advise customers on any allergens present in the meal.

In addition to the commercial system, there is also a consumer-facing app, which diners can use to search for restaurants that fit their particular dietary needs.

Kitchen Kafoodle’s creators, Kim Antoniou and Tarryn Gorre, combined their years of experience in the technology and hospitality industries to create the software.

Antoniou came up with the idea for the technology after her husband suffered from a severe allergic reaction after dining out.

She said her goal “is to get to a stage where we can create a trust between the [food and beverage] industry and allergy sufferers and that ultimately people can go to a Kafoodle restaurant that’s using the system and use the app and eat in confidence”.