The Butchershop raises the steaks

GLASGOW steakhouse The Butchershop Bar & Grill has introduced a new premium range of sharing steaks.

Called Cuts on the Bone, the range comprises four cuts: a “rarely-seen” fillet on the bone, a porterhouse, a “well-marbled” sirloin on the bone, and a “humungous” bone in rib steak known as the Tomahawk. Cuts are hung on the bone in their own ‘Butchershop’ dry-aging room, as part of a partnership with Cairnhill Farm in Girvan.

Butchershop cuts on the bone

Butchershop owner James Rusk said the new range of cuts underlines the restaurant’s commitment to quality and provenance.

“Scotland is renowned for having the best beef in the world, and we wanted to heighten that reputation and create something truly spectacular for our customers and visitors to Scotland to experience,” he said.

“As a company our ethos is to deliver the exceptional the same way every day and by working closely with our butcher we have created a serious range of big cuts with an even bigger unbelievable flavour that we’re proud to showcase and call our own.”