Scots beer firm turns up the heat

016Innis & GunnHOT granite rocks have been used by Scottish beer firm Innis & Gunn in its latest limited edition bottle-conditioned brew.

Described as a modern day adaptation of the oldest British ale brewed in 4000 BC, Hot Rocks takes its name from  the brewing process whereby hot granite rocks are said to be used to caramelise the cereals.

Innis & Gunn used historic bere barley alongside raw and malted barley to make Hot Rocks; hops were not used in the new 7% ABV beer as they were not widely used in Britain until the 1500s.

Dougal Sharp, founder and chief executive of Innis & Gunn, said: “In making Hot Rocks, we’ve gone deeper than any other brewer into the back-catalogue of British brewing, taking archaeological evidence dating back 6000 years – well before man could write – of the earliest-known ale known to have been made on the British Isles and mashing it with all our brewing experience and know-how to create a less rough and ready, more refined brew for the modern day.”