‘Advice’ trade could do without

Comment By Gillian McKenzie

JUST as the proposal to introduce a ‘reducing consumption of alcohol’ licensing objective seems to have hit the buffers, another unusual suggestion has come to light – this time from Police Scotland.

A letter from the chief superintendent to licensees of Glasgow premises deemed to be on the so-called ‘subcrawl’ route outlines a number of measures for operators to “consider” – almost all of which are already covered by existing legislation and implemented day in, day out by the responsible majority.

Gillian B&W

All, that is, apart from the suggestion that licensees “consider restricting access to regulars only”.

One of the recipients of the letter said it “beggars belief”. He has a point.

Does this mean that licensees in a city which is optimistic about the Commonwealth Games’ legacy should consider not allowing tourists into their pubs? How is an operator supposed to build a business if they don’t allow new customers in?

When contacted by SLTN, Police Scotland said the suggestion is “simply a tool that licence holders may wish to utilise to support our objective of keeping people safe”.

But the “guidance” has not gone down well with many of the recipients.

And it’s no wonder.

The trade is already drowning in regulation, and reeling from the effects of the lower drink drive limit. Being asked to “consider restricting access to regulars” has, understandably, angered many.