Everything’s at steak

Catering suppliers recommend investing in a durable grill which can be used in all weather


IT’S not just the sizzle factor which is important in an operator’s choice of barbecue, say outdoor catering equipment suppliers.

The cleanliness, quality and durability of the grill are also vital considerations.

“Always look for good quality, well-built barbecue equipment,” said Michael Joslin of Monolith Grill UK.

“It needs to look good as well, because customers are attracted to a barbecue and will be impressed if they see a new and interesting piece of kit.”

Current favourites among bar and pub operators include ceramic grill barbecues – or ‘kamados’ – said Joslin. “This type of barbecue equipment is becoming increasingly popular with chefs because of its exceptional cooking results, versatility and great looks,” he said.

Durability and quality are important factors for any busy outlet to consider, according to Ray Hall, managing director of RH Hall. He also stressed the importance of choosing a “genuine commercial model”. “A domestic typical shed barbecue will not be able to recover quick enough during a busy service and also will not last,” said Hall.

He recommended a “commercial grade” stainless steel gas barbecue that can be used in all weather conditions.

“A good quality, heavy duty barbecue should be an investment that provides you with outdoor cooking for many years,” said Hall.

Karen Swift of Cinders Barbecues agreed with the importance of purchasing equipment designed for commercial use.

She said: “Invest in commercial products that won’t let you down. Reliability provides peace of mind and will keep your customers happy.”

Hygiene is another important factor, said Keith Ambler of equipment supplier Kirklees Developments.

“Having a good hygiene mindset is essential and keeping the barbecue clean and ready to use is good house keeping,” said Ambler.

“Barbecuing hygiene is mostly about ensuring the food is cooked through.”

Jason Webb, sales manager of ETI Thermometers, also highlighted the importance of ensuring food is properly cooked.

“Thinner chops or steaks sear quickly on a high temperature grill to seal in flavoursome juices,” said Webb.   

“Rare steaks are ready when the internal temperature reaches 60°C, medium at 70°C and well done at 80°C.”