Chef’s special: Fraser Smith, Angels with Bagpipes

Fraser Smith, Head Chef, Angels with Bagpipes, Edinburgh

Angels with Bagpipes opened its doors on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in 2010.

The restaurant serves up a seasonal menu using Scottish ingredients – blending the traditional with the contemporary.

Fraser Smith[6]

How long have you been in the catering business and how and when did you start?

Since 1994 when I was just 14.

What’s your catering and/or career highlight so far?

Angels with Bagpipes being my first head chef position.

How would you describe your food?

Scottish and seasonal, sourced locally and cooked well.


What’s the price of a typical three course meal (without wine)?

Lunch – £18.95.

Dinner – £30/40.

Why should someone visit your restaurant?

To taste seasonal Scottish flavours, in a relaxed atmosphere, served by friendly staff.

Describe your staff?

They’re dedicated and passionate about what they do; we’re like a family with members I’ve worked with since opening the doors in 2010.

What is your favourite Scottish ingredient?

It would be rhubarb, it’s so nostalgic for me.

What’s your favourite dish to cook at home?

Keeping it simple with Scottish meat, always a rib eye cooked medium/rare.

Is there a dish you dislike?

Surprisingly, cold smoked salmon.

What is your favourite wine?


What makes a good chef?

There are many qualities I could list but you need to be committed, passionate and able to work under pressure. You also need to be able to live on zero sleep at times!

Not counting your own, which is your favourite Scottish restaurant?

Aizle – it’s incredible value with a different menu every week cooking exciting food.

What is a tip every chef should know?

Taste everything because flavour is imperative.

How do you relax outside of work?

Going out for dinner and spending time with my family.

Who would you invite for your ideal meal and where would you go?

My financé and wherever she chose!