All about that base

VODKA brand Ketel One is the subject of a new marketing campaign, which aims to position the spirit as the ideal base for a Bloody Mary cocktail.

The vodka, which is part of Diageo’s Reserve portfolio, is being promoted in the Bloody Mary serve through a partnership with UK bar groups, including Living Ventures; the activity launched in 100 outlets this month, and will be rolled out to the wider trade throughout the year.

Ketel One Full Bottle

As part of the campaign, Ketel One will be promoted on menus and branded point of sale material as well as through the ‘Ketel One Vodka Kitchen’ – a pop-up cocktail masterclass – and a cocktail competition.

Ketel One brand ambassador David Beatty said there is a “clear trend emerging and an increasing demand for” the Bloody Mary. Working with the bar groups will, according to Beatty, “further cement Ketel One vodka as the perfect base for the Bloody Mary”.

“In today’s busy world, consumers value informal and relaxed quality time with close friends and the Bloody Mary is proving to be a favourite drink for such occasions, especially when served alongside meals and during food occasions,” he said. “By executing the ‘Ketel One Vodka Kitchen’ in outlets across the trade, we are immersing consumers in an experience that resonates with the heritage of Ketel One, whilst getting them creating delicious, savoury drinks.

“A good Bloody Mary execution can differentiate you as an on-trade outlet as it’s one of the most complex cocktails invented and is hard to get ‘just right’. The liquid credentials of Ketel One combined with quality, market-fresh ingredients make it easier for bartenders and consumers alike to perfect.”