Ensure you put on glass act

IT’S one of the first impressions customers are given of an establishment – glassware can have a major impact on people’s perceptions.

And the message from suppliers is that clean, good quality glassware can whet the appetite for an outlet’s food and drink offer and act as a standard bearer for the entire venue.

Artis Speakeasy range

“Good quality glassware, particularly the wine and water glasses, helps to establish in the customer’s mind that the restaurant is one that cares about quality and that quality will be reflected in the overall gastronomic offering,” said Gill Head, marketing manager at glassware firm Artis.

“Careful planning of glassware and tableware can be the difference between a successful and under-achieving restaurant; it’s imperative that you get it right.”

As well as ensuring glassware is of a consistently high quality, the emergence of new styles means glassware should be changed regularly to keep up with trends, according to Head.

“You should upgrade your glassware before it begins to look ‘tired’ and that is a function of wear and style changes,” she said.

“Remember that your glassware reflects the image you are seeking to portray.”

Chris Jowsey, trading director at pubco Star Pubs & Bars, said branded glasses are vital in the trade.

“We recommend that a licensee stocks the correct branded glassware for each brand they are serving as each glass is designed with the qualities and ingredients of the product in mind to ensure optimum taste quality,” he said.

Cleanliness of a bar’s glassware and dishwasher maintenance, he said, is another vital consideration.

This was echoed by Derek Maher, managing director of glasswasher firm Crystaltech, who said glass replacement is unnecessary if glasses are washed properly.

“Incorrect glasswashing chemicals and high wash and rinse will greatly shorten the life of the glass,” he said.

“Customers drink with their eyes so correct presentation is essential.”