Posh Pop goes ‘super low’ on calories

ENGLISH premium soft drink producer Breckland Orchard has introduced three ‘super low calorie’ products to its Posh Pop range.

The firm, launched in 2009 by former Mars sales and marketing executive Claire Martinsen, has introduced the three Posh Pop Lighter products – Cloudy Lemonade, Elderflower, and Ginger Beer with Chilli – designed to appeal to those limiting their sugar and calorie intake.


“There’s no getting away from the fact that consumers want the option of being able to purchase drinks which contain the bare minimum amount of sugar – if at all,” said Martinsen.

“While we’re proud of the fact that our existing popular Breckland Orchard Posh Pops are based on a spring water recipe and are not excessive in sugar usage, I felt it was important for us to go a step further – so the Posh Pop Lighter has been born in time for Spring 2015.”

The Cloudy Lemonade flavour is said to contain five calories, the Elderflower flavour zero calories and the Ginger Beer with Chilli three calories.