Looks matter: the first sip is with the eye


THE importance of serving beer in the correct branded glassware has been reiterated by two of the biggest players in the Scottish beer market.
Tennent Caledonian Breweries and Molson Coors both stressed the impact branded glassware can have on customers’ on-trade experiences.
Hugo Mills, director of sales and operations at Molson Coors, said beer drinkers are “increasingly interested in the aesthetics of their pint” . “Not only does a beautifully branded glass add an element of style to drinking beer, but there is a real functional benefit too,” he said.
“Brand stamps and logos on the base of glassware aid the nucleation of the beer, which in turn enhances the drinker’s overall experience.”
And Tennent Caledonian chief executive Brian Calder said glassware can have “a positive impact on quality and consumer experience in a number of ways”.
“Our massively popular city glasses (pictured) for instance offered a talking point for punters as they read over the different phrases and sayings for each city,” said Calder.
“Branded glassware can also offer a bit of theatre which resonates well with some consumers.”