Great Odin’s single malt

EDRINGTON, the firm behind Highland Park, has released the last of the distillery’s Valhalla Collection of limited edition whiskies.

Bottled at 55.8% ABV Highland Park Odin is said to represent some of the characteristics of the Norse god, while retaining the Highland Park distillery’s style.


Packaged in a wooden frame based on a Viking long ship, 17,000 bottles of Odin have been released globally.

Gerry Tosh, global marketing manager at Highland Park, said the whisky, like its namesake, is “intense, powerful and complex”.

“Bottled at 55.8% ABV, it certainly lives up to the legend, a bold single malt higher in strength than Thor, Loki and Freya,” said Tosh.

“Now that Odin has joined the ranks of the other gods in the Valhalla Collection, the first chapter in this series is complete. However, the Norse legends of old may still offer us future intrigues.”