Licensees thrown a ‘lifeline’

PERSONAL licence holders in some parts of Scotland who failed to notify their board of completed refresher training in time were thrown a “lifeline” late last year.
Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee licensing boards gave PLHs who missed the November 30 notification deadline a period within which to surrender their personal licence and, therefore, avoid revocation and the five-year ban on applying for a new one.
Glasgow allowed those who missed the deadline to surrender their licences until December 15, Dundee accepted surrenders until December 26 and Edinburgh licensing board permitted those affected to surrender personal licences up until Monday (January 5).
Edinburgh board convener Eric Milligan said PLHs were given the chance to surrender licences “so that businesses will not be affected by the consequences”.
Licensing lawyer Jack Cummins of Hill Brown Licensing welcomed the fact some boards gave the option to surrender.
“The boards which simply proceeded to revoke licences can’t be faulted for applying the law – but the extra-time surrender lifelines provided by some, including Edinburgh and Glasgow, deserve applause,” he said.