Brewery to banish gluten from beer

• The Bellfield Brewery plans to brew gluten-free beers in a number of styles.
• The Bellfield Brewery plans to brew gluten-free beers in a number of styles.

Edinburgh-based firm claims to be first gluten-free producer in the UK

WHAT is claimed to be the UK’s first entirely gluten-free craft brewery is about to commence production in Edinburgh.
The team behind The Bellfield Brewery claims it will be the first UK firm to exclusively brew beers suitable for drinkers with a gluten intolerance or allergy.
Currently, drinkers with a gluten intolerance often avoid traditionally brewed beers as the cereals used in their production contain gluten, while those who suffer from coeliac disease must avoid traditional beers entirely.
Working with another Edinburgh-based brewer – which could not be named as SLTN went to press – The Bellfield Brewery is said to have developed a range of gluten-free recipes replicating a number of beer styles.
The brewery is expected to release its first beers this summer, with an initial run that is set to include an IPA, a stout and a lager. Other styles of beer are expected to follow.
Robin Baillie, one of the founders of the brewery, was diagnosed with coeliac disease 15 years ago.
He said it was “high time” for a dedicated gluten-free brewery in the UK.
“As a category, gluten-free is one of the fastest growing in the UK,” said Baillie.
“We plan to secure [charity body] Coeliac UK’s GF accreditation, so that our products carry the internationally recognised ‘crossed grain’ symbol.
“At the moment, there is limited availability of gluten-free craft beers in the on-trade and we hope to address that while also supplying independent specialists and multiple retailers with the products consumers can enjoy at home.”