Let’s hope consumers vote for the trade

IT’S finally here.

Two years after the Edinburgh Agreement was signed, paving the way for a referendum on Scottish independence, today is polling day.
It’s been a long campaign for both sides; uninformative at times, enlightening at others; and, sometimes, just downright confusing.
From both camps there have been impassioned pleas, celebrity endorsements and the inevitable mud-slinging.
The polls have swung in both directions and, as SLTN went to press, the result was being billed as too close to call.
Will the people of Scotland vote to remain part of the UK? Or will they vote for Scottish independence?
We will know either way very soon.
One thing seems certain: the trade intends to make the most of what is, whichever side you back, a historic date for Scotland.
Operators in some parts of Scotland have applied for extended hours and plan to screen live coverage as results emerge tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning; others have put on special themed food and cocktails; some have planned special events for tomorrow (Friday); and the owners of one Glasgow bar have nailed their colours firmly to the mast by changing the name of their venue in line with their preferred outcome.
Whatever result is returned tonight, let’s hope consumers vote to witness it in Scotland’s pubs.