Coors and Sky target free-trade

Joint deal offers licensees discounted subscription

• The new joint promotion offers licensees up to 30% off a Sky subscription.

MOLSON Coors and Sky are targeting growth in the independent Scottish on-trade through a new joint promotion.

The initiative, the latest in a series of joint promotions from the two firms, sees free-trade customers offered up to 30% off the price of a Sky subscription if they agree to stock either two or three Molson Coors draught products.
There are two tiers to the deal: the first offering licensees a 30% discount in exchange for stocking three draught products (one of which must be Carling) and the second offering a 20% discount in exchange for stocking two products (again, one must be Carling).
The deal is available to existing customers of either company, as well as to operators who are currently customers of neither.
Hugo Mills, director of sales and operations for Scotland at Molson Coors, described the deal as “a game-changer for the independent market in Scotland”.
“I don’t think I’ve ever come across a deal that could potentially be as transformational as this, in terms of my own business but also in terms of what it can offer operators across Scotland,” he said.
“You talk about percentages all the time, but if you actually put that 30% into pounds and pence, that is of enormous value.”
Alison Dolan, deputy managing director of Sky Business, said: “With the Ryder Cup coming to Scotland, along with Sky’s unrivalled autumn of top-flight sporting action, our collaboration with Molson Coors comes at an ideal time for pubs looking to drive strong footfall and increase customer dwell time. The deal highlights Sky’s commitment to investing in initiatives that help drive value for our Scottish licensees.”