Training turbulence continues

By Gillian McKenzie

THAT many in the Scottish trade are running out of time in which to complete personal licence holder refresher training and notify their relevant licensing board is no secret.

Those who received a personal licence on or before September 1, 2009 have until August 31 to complete refresher training, and must submit evidence of this to the board no later than December 1.
Those who don’t will have their licence revoked and cannot apply for a new one for five years (the recently published Airweapons and Licensing Bill proposes scrapping this five-year ban but legislation to effect such a measure is a long way off).
The catastrophic consequences of failing to meet the deadlines have been flagged up by trade groups, licensing lawyers and training providers for over a year now; and SLTN has carried numerous articles urging operators to take action.
And yet, last week – a little over eight weeks away from the deadline for the first batch of licensees – North Ayrshire licensing board revealed that over 80% of the pubs, clubs and restaurants in its area are at risk because personal licence holders have yet to complete training.
That is frightening stuff.
It’s unclear how many other licensed trade businesses in other parts of the country are in such a perilous position.
However, time is rapidly running out.
It is imperative that anyone who has yet to complete their refresher training books a place on a course now before it’s too late.