Roots take centre stage in cider revamp

• Andy Cross, marketing manager for Blackthorn cider.

BLACKTHORN cider has been given a new look.

The revamped packaging features a Somerset dragon alongside the words ‘Somerset pressed’ and the Shepton Mallet Market Cross monument, in a bid to highlight the brand’s West Country heritage.
Blackthorn parent firm The Shepton Mallet Cider Mill said the new look was developed to “reflect the craft and quality that cider lovers have come to expect”.
Shepton Mallet is supporting the revamp with an outdoor media and PR campaign in Bristol, followed by nationwide point of sale customer support. Andy Cross, marketing manager for Blackthorn, said the packaging was redesigned to “reflect the quality and craftsmanship that goes into Blackthorn as well as celebrating our proud Somerset roots”.
“We have also introduced a pressed script style on the packaging to represent the way we press our cider, while both a reverse face and a front face bring the rich story behind the brand to life,” said Cross.