Cool approach can pay off

Offering chilled red wine can help protect profit margins

• Offering a chilled selection of red wines is advisable during the summer months, says Bibendum.

LICENSEES should consider taking a Spanish approach to their wines this summer and store reds in the fridge, according to Bibendum.

Referring to the Spanish tradition of serving red wine chilled, the wine merchant claims outlets in the UK can increase summer sales of red wines and prevent consumers from switching to other drinks when the thermostat rises by stocking some reds in the fridge.
Stating in a new report that red wine drinkers tend to stay longer and spend more money in outlets than other consumers, Bibendum said offering a range of chilled red wines can be “a great way to diversify your offer and appeal to these important customers”.
What’s more, the firm believes that it’s incorrect to assume that a red wine drinker will switch to rosé wine in warmer weather.
Quoting figures from the Wilson Drinks Report, Bibendum claimed 50% of red wine drinkers avoid both white and rosé wines.
“There is an established red wine drinking demographic that switch to other drinks categories as the temperatures rise,” said the wine firm in its report.
“Give your customers something that they know and like, and see the benefits in your till.”
Cooler red wines also have a place in food matching, according to Bibendum, which recommended pairing chilled reds with small, tapas-style dishes such as salami and fritti di misto.
However, it’s important operators choose the right reds to offer chilled, as not all styles of red wine are suited to colder temperatures.
The firm recommends using less tannic wines, such as light Italian or Spanish reds or Beaujolais.
Wines should be kept in the fridge for around 20 minutes “to really kickstart your summer offer”.
The ongoing World Cup tournament has also provided an opportunity for the trade to increase wine sales, according to Bibendum, and the firm has been advising its customers to stock wines from countries participating in the event.
Among the recommendations are Prosecco from Italy; Malbec from Argentina; Syrah from the United States; Picpoul from France and Shiraz from Australia.