Bottlegreen infuses style into its serve


THE firm behind elderflower drink Bottlegreen is aiming to help licensees add some theatre to soft drinks serves this summer through its special ‘infusion jars’.

As part of its ‘handpicked for summer’ activity for the brand, Bottlegreen Drinks is distributing 4.5-litre traditional glass serving vessels to on-trade stockists.
The ‘infusion jars’, which feature a serving tap, can be used by licensees to dispense Bottlegreen cordials, either diluted with still or sparkling water or in non-alcohol or alcohol cocktails.
Bottlegreen Drinks is also set to conduct sampling activity at various events in the coming months as part of the ‘handpicked for summer’ campaign, which was launched late last month to coincide with the start of the elderflower harvest.
Simon Speers, managing director of Bottlegreen Drinks, said a similar campaign last year resulted in “unprecedented” levels of sales.
“There’s no doubt that the brand has benefited from last summer’s high profile campaign which proved to be such a big hit with consumers that we’re raising the bar this summer with the launch of the Bottlegreen infusion jars and a more extensive sampling campaign as we aim to drive consumer awareness and exceed last year’s sales record,” said Speers.