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Aussie pair head to the beach


FOSTER’S Radler has received the ‘Brad and Dan’ treatment as the brand’s Australian ‘agony uncles’ take to the beach in a new television advert.

The 40-second ‘Volleyball’ ad features the pair competing in a volleyball match and, after claiming their first point, rewarding themselves with a Foster’s Radler.
Sarah Maddock, Foster’s brand director at Heineken, said that given the sport-related origin of Radler-style beers, “we couldn’t resist the opportunity to see Brad and Dan showcasing Foster’s Radler in a contemporary setting”.
Radler beers are said to date back to the 1920s when Alpine cyclists would consume lower-strength beers at rest stops.
Foster’s Radler is available in 2% ABV Cloudy Lemon and Lime and Ginger variants and a 0.0% ABV Cloudy Lemon variant.

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