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PANTHEON has introduced CCG Grills, a new range of four ceramic contact grills that promise superior results and significant energy saving.

Because ceramic glass is not porous like the cast iron more commonly used for contact grills, it will not absorb or transfer flavours. The glass also eliminates the smoke and smells associated with cast iron grills.


Heating up time is minimal – just two to five minutes–because as soon as the elements are hot, heat transference through the glass is instant. This also results in much faster cooking times, so customers don’t have to queue. The fast heat up and cooking times also reduce energy costs significantly.
Pantheon’s ceramic contact grills are perfect for paninis and sandwiches but are also ideal for cooking vegetables, meat and fish.
The grills come in single and double options, both with a choice of smooth and ribbed tops. List prices start at £719.00 for the single, smooth top model.

Pantheon’s all-encompassing, one year guarantee applies.

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