System targets genuine reviews

Operator will know which diner has submitted comments

Mike Conyers
• Mike Conyers said the new system enables restaurateurs to pinpoint which member of staff served a particular diner.

THE Glasgow-based firm behind an online restaurant reservation service has launched a new website it says will provide “genuine and verifiable” reviews.

ResDiary, whose clients include Scottish Michelin Star chefs Martin Wishart and Tom Kitchin, G1 Group and Di Maggio’s, has aligned the new Book.ResDiary system ( to its reservations portal, to create what it described as an “invaluable” source of information for restaurateurs based on data provided by the customer at the time of booking.
Following their visit, each diner is contacted by email and offered the chance to grade the venue using a star system and submit comments. It means each review is backed up by the customer’s booking data and the restaurant owner knows which diner has submitted each review. The restaurateur will also be provided with information on where each diner was sitting and what was ordered so any issues can be easily identified and dealt with.
Mike Conyers, who founded ResDiary in 2006, said the new system will ensure any reviews are posted by genuine customers of the restaurant.
“Most of the people in this company have long experience in leisure and hospitality and we all know how damaging – and dispiriting – it can be to be unjustly attacked on sites such as TripAdvisor,” he said.
“There is a huge appetite for reviews. People are keen to know what other like-minded people felt about a venue before they commit to spending their hard-earned cash there.
“But reviews are only of value if they are genuine – and verifiably so. With Book.ResDiary, we will be able to guarantee that only people who actually ate in the restaurants will be qualified to comment on the site.”