Poll returns a ‘no’ vote

FEWER than one in ten Scottish business owners said they would vote ‘yes’ in September’s independence referendum, according to a poll conducted by property agency Christie & Co.

The firm found that 9% of 150 respondents planned to vote ‘yes’ in September with 75% expected to vote ‘no’.
Of the 150 people surveyed, 65% said independence would impact on their business negatively with 7% expecting a positive impact.
The result of the poll was revealed to business owners, operators, investors and funders at the Scottish launch of Christie & Co’s Business Outlook 2014 report in Glasgow.
Kerr Young of Christie & Co said that while the uncertainty surrounding the referendum is “at the forefront of business owners’ minds”, the firm expects to witness “further inward investment from outwith Scotland, particularly as property values in London and the south east increase ahead of those in the regions”.
“In 2014 we expect investors to continue to seek good quality businesses across the regions,” said Young.