Inverness pubs in ID initiative

• 32 venues currently implement the scheme.
• 32 venues currently implement the scheme.

INVERNESS Pub Watch has launched an initiative designed to reduce the use of fake identification by young people to get into pubs and clubs and buy alcohol.

Working in partnership with Police Scotland and Highland licensing board, the scheme will see anyone presenting an ID which is found to be false or fraudulent reported to the police and the ID confiscated for ‘investigation’.
Repeat offenders will be subject to a ban from all Inverness Pub Watch premises for six months after their 18th birthday.
Don Lawson, chair of Inverness Pub Watch and owner of The Den & Johnny Foxes, said the initiative, which is currently being implemented across the 32 Pub Watch premises within Inverness city centre, aims to “keep young people safe and prevent risk-taking behaviour”.
“Anyone caught using fake ID or genuine ID that belongs to another person will have the ID seized from them and they could be banned from licensed premises,” he said.
“Whilst we do not want to criminalise young people, we want to keep our young people safe and preserve the integrity of our premises.”
Highland Council licensing officer Ian Cox said that although it “may seem harmless”, the use of fake ID can have serious consequences for both the licensed premises and the young person.
“The young person needs to also understand that this is not to be punitive but aimed at keeping them safe,” he said.
Police Scotland said anyone found with fake identity documents, including the use of someone else’s passport or driving licence for ID, could be subject to an investigation.
Chief Inspector Graeme Murdoch said presenting false identification is a criminal offence.