Style takes centre stage in Guinness ad


DIAGEO has unveiled the next stage of its ‘Made of More’ campaign for Guinness.

The new ad, which breaks on January 15, features the Sapeurs, a group of ‘refined gentlemen’ from the Republic of Congo, as they set aside the grime of the local fields to dress in their signature sharp suits and proceed to party with their local community.
“What we love about the Sapeurs and drew us to them was not only the vibrancy and colour, but at its core, their story is one of dignity and self expression,” said Stephen O’Kelly, marketing director, Western Europe, for Guinness.
“In the spirit of Made of More we wanted to capture the story of a group of men whose integrity and character shone through despite the challenges they face.
“Dressing well can symbolise many things, but for the Sapeurs, fine clothes stand for peace, integrity and honour.”