Holidays are here

Campaign returns in time for festive season

• The Coca-Cola Christmas truck will be touring the UK as part of its festive campaign for 2013.
• The Coca-Cola Christmas truck will be touring the UK as part of its festive campaign for 2013.

COCA-Cola is kick-starting the festive season with the return of its festive ‘Holidays are Coming’ advertising campaign.

As well as the TV ad from previous years, this year’s campaign includes a new advert, titled ‘Shooting Star’, which aired for the first time earlier this week.
Focused on the theme of kindness towards others, and set to a soundtrack of Elvis Presley, the new ad opens with Santa as he attempts to create a shooting star in his workshop.
As the ad continues the star becomes a catalyst for kind deeds, such as a father buying his son his first car or a friend letting their teammate take a winning goal.
Another staple of previous Christmas campaigns, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, will also return, visiting a number of locations across the UK that have been identified as the country’s ‘kindest hotspots’ by research.
The truck’s destinations will be listed on Coca-Cola’s CokeZone website (
Also in keeping with brand tradition, Santa will feature on Coca-Cola and Diet Coke 2l bottles, 330ml cans and multi-packs.
The Christmas packaging encourages consumers to “Share a Coke with Santa”, linking the brand’s Christmas activity with its recent ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. As part of the activity, consumers will be able to create a personalised digital bottle design, which they can then share with friends via Facebook.
“Coca-Cola has become synonymous with spreading festive cheer and our Christmas campaigns, old and new, mark the unofficial countdown to Christmas,” said Nick Canney, vice president of sales and marketing at Coca-Cola Enterprises.
“Shooting Star’s central creative remains true to the brand’s core values of spreading happiness around the world.
“We’d advise retailers to stock up now to capitalise on the increased consumer awareness of the Coca-Cola range we typically experience around the festive period.”