Cask collection comes to the UK

• Angostura No.1 is aged in first fill casks.
• Angostura No.1 is aged in first fill casks.

ANGOSTURA has launched the first in a new series of limited edition rums in the UK.

Only 9600 bottles of Angostura No.1 have been made available globally, with 20 cases allocated to the UK.
The limited edition spirit, the first in the company’s new Cask Collection, is made from a blend of specially selected rums that have been aged for between ten and 12 years in ‘special casks’, before spending an additional 12 months in first fill bourbon casks.
Different special casks will feature in future limited edition Cask Collection releases.
Alison Gibb, brand manager at Angostura International, said: “We are already seeing huge interest from consumers and undoubtedly the popularity of quality approved rum is on the increase as enthusiasts look for standout taste and an exceptional finish. It‘s the first Angostura premium rum to be aged in our first fill bourbon barrels and we are confident that this initial interest will continue to grow as the collection expands.”