Perfection focus for Guinness

Guinness’ magic behind the gates font.
Guinness’ magic behind the gates font.

THE ‘perfect serve’ remains a key focus for Guinness in its latest ad campaign.

Launched this month, the activity includes a new 20 second TV ad promoting the ‘surge’ of a Guinness pint as it is poured.
The ad is part of an ongoing focus on the perfect serve, which has also been promoted through the brand’s quality accreditation scheme.
The new ad will be supported by poster, cinema, digital and mobile ads.
Parent company Diageo claims £34 million will be spent marketing Guinness over the next year.
“We know that consumers associate a quality pint with a quality pub and research has told us that 80% of male drinkers believe getting the quality of serve right is more important in draught beer than in any other drink category,” said Kevin Bedford, quality director for Guinness.
“Our team is extensively trained to offer advice and support to outlets and help them maximise sales of quality Guinness. Guinness is investing over £700 per outlet to ensure bar staff always deliver a pint made of more to every drinker, every time – and ultimately increase footfall, dwell time and profits for licensees.”